Tuesday, March 20, 2012

adapting on a budget

My parents are coming and we are busy getting ready for their visit. My Dad has a few special needs. His legs are a bit weak and I don't want him falling down in the shower. I looked into renting a special chair you can put in the shower. I found out they don't rent bathroom things. You need to buy them. So I looked at chairs I could buy. They cost between 60€ and 250€. OK! But then I saw this beautiful white thrown for only 17€. It's strong and waterproof. We even have a seat cover we meant to put on the toilet in our guest bath, but never got around to it. So for 17€ my dad can safely sit in the shower (in style I might add)! He will have a designer shower chair!


Eric & Shelley said...

very creative amy

Rick Moreno said...

Hope they had a good flight. Enjoy your days. It was good having time with them.

Eric Stuewe said...

Did your parents arrive OK? We were a bit concerned about them for such a long flight and all the medications they took thru security.