Tuesday, March 13, 2012

this and that

I worked for hours in the garden today. First with Nicole, then with the boys. Nicole set up the tomato house. We sunk the posts in the ground. I also used tent pegs to hold the covering down. I want to get some long boards or even larger bamboo poles to make the sides more stable. Right now it's got some tools in it. Later in the season it will house tomato plants. They do better when they stay dry. You water a tomato from the ground. I've had this tomato house for a few years. It works well. I may decide not to get a greenhouse. I can start my plants pretty well in the heater room. I would mostly use the greenhouse for tomato's. Maybe I just need one more cheap tomatoes house? Knowing myself, I will not be using the greenhouse in the winter. I'm not really sure I'm going to need it, so I think I'll just wait and see if I can do without it. Juergen is showing our Leimen house to a person that needs a guest house for a business. This makes me wonder all sorts of stuff, like who will be in the house, and how will it be used, and who is responsible for the care, and what about insurance, and how do you check the credit on a business? We have an appointment Thursday to redo the house loan. I feel very sad we did not sell it. I feel like crying! We will probably get a very good loan, and the rent will pay down the house in 15-20 years. So about the time Juergen retires, we will hopefully have the house paid off. Then we will have extra retirement income. But of course anything and everything could go wrong. We still have to be responsible for the care and maintenance of the house. We have to pay the mortgage if the house is empty. We need to deal with the renter if they are causing trouble, or causing damage. It was never my dream to be a landlord, but after Thursday that's what we will be. I'm sad! I just hope we can find a good renter. This business seems a little odd to me. I need a lot more information before I will trust that it's honest. In a case like this you would expect to be contacted by a realtor, not a private individual. It seems fishy to me. Maybe it’s OK, but it just does not seem right. The pictures are from my garden in Leimen 2010.

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