Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another beautiful day

I planted another dozen plants this morning. Our perennial flower garden is going to be very nice. We could us a little rain. It's been very sunny all week, more like May weather. I'm not complaining, but we could use some rain. We are trying to get all those bulbs in the ground. It's not so easy because the ground is a little hard. We are digging holes for the baskets, and replacing the hard clay soil with peat moss. I wanted to take all the grass out of the area, and till the soil. But the ground is like a rock. They must have put allot of the construction waste in the ground in this spot. I plan to cover the grass with peat moss and straw. The flowers will come up through this straw mulch. Eventually the grass should die back. The peat moss should help soften the clay. The straw will protect the whole thing, holding in the moisture. I'm sure the worms will like this area, and do their wonders. Philip has been helping Dad. If fact he has done such a good job putting in the flowers Nicole and I decided he could run the flower business. There will be (God willing) thousands of cutting flowers this summer. He can cut nice bouquet and sell them. We think 5 bouquets per day at 5 Euro per Bouquet, 5 days per week. That's 125 Euro per week. He is only allowed to make 400Euro per month. So maybe he will have to allow Sarah to help him a little? He can sell flowers for about 3 to 4 months. With the money he can buy a ticket to visit Grandma and Grandpa (well maybe). Just an idea. But Philip has been a great help!


Eric & Shelley said...

Let mom and dad know they've missed the snow and now the rain.

Rick Moreno said...

Nice Pictures!
Mom missed a computer math disck that came in the mail for the kids. Please e-mail me your new address so I can forward it to you. How did the kids like their socceer jerseys?