Saturday, March 24, 2012

In the garden

Nicole and I went to the building supply store to buy wood for boarders in my vegetable garden. Juergen will put the boarders up for me. I've got all these plants started. They need to be planted. The wooden boarders are only temporary until the boxwood plants grow. That will take about 5 years. A garden is always a long term project. First you deal with the infrastructure, then add the plants. The plants will cover the infrastructure, and soften it. Just give us 5 years, it will be amazing (I hope). Juergen is in Leimen. He had an appointment to show the house for rent. But he just called, and the people didn't show up. Oh well. I just know God has someone in mind. I hate the wait and the work, not to mention the loss of money. But I will wait, and just keep believing God will provide us with the right family soon. I don't like it when people just don't show up for an appointment but that's happened to us over and over. It get's really frustrating. It cost us so much valuable time. We have so much to do. It is sad to spend hours going to Leimen, waiting and waiting just to turn around and come home. Frustrating. God please help us finish this whole process...just let us settle the matter well and soon.

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Eric & Shelley said...

That would be frustrating