Friday, March 02, 2012

The things you can buy on eBay

I found this greenhouse on eBay for just one Euro. It is about 3 hours away. We would need to rent a big van, and take a day to go get it. But it could be perfect! I wonder if I can get Juergen to go get it for me? He has next week off, but I'm sure he didn't want to spend his week on my garden. A greenhouse like this could cost over 3,000 Euro's new. It's 3 meters wide and 4 meters long. I have just the right spot for it. We could repaint the metal a dark green. It's missing a few pieces of glass. I'm sure we could clean it up nicely! It doesn't include the brick base. We could use straw bale covered with cob as a base. The straw bales are wide. You could sit on them, or put pots on them. Juergen will most likely say no…but it could be perfect!

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