Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The mulch is here

Juergen bought me 8 1/2 cubic meters of fine mulch for my vegetable garden. We spread it over the black weed blocker martial. We want to let it sit for a few weeks. Then we will put the boxwood in as an edge around the vegetable beds. Inside the beds we will cut the black weed blocker material out. Then we will plant the vegetables in the beds, and surround them with mulch. The paths will remain with the mulch & weed blocker. Eventually we will replace the pathways with something more permanent. We used the frame of Jessica’s metal bed. She broke the frame this fall. We sunk the frame into the soil, and then planted flower bulbs in it. It will be a "flower bed".
mulch provides protection and improves the soil. There are two types of mulches: organic and inorganic. Depending upon the type, mulches: Reduce surface evaporation. Improve water penetration and air movement. Control soil temperature fluctuations. Protect shallow-rooted plants from freeze damage and frost heave. Improve soil structure and nutrient availability.


Eric & Shelley said...

We love mulch

Dianna said...

Mulch is good

Rick Moreno said...

Just put dow 4 CY myself, love it!