Friday, March 09, 2012

I think I have it

Juergen does not want to ruin our party tent to make a greenhouse. Besides, it's too big for the space I want to put it. But I found this party tent on eBay for an amazing price. It is just the perfect size. The windows would face South and North. The doors would be East and West. I could sink it into concrete, and add some wooden supports to the sides. Maybe put straw bale walls on the North and West sides. And I could put another door on the East side. Can you follow me? Anyway, maybe this could be the starting point for my greenhouse, high tunnel? I would love to replace the tent plastic with green house plastic just for better insulation. I don't think the tent would be warm enough in winter to grow anything. But on the other hand, it would be a little better shade in the summer so plants would not burn. What an awesome tomatoes house this could be! So maybe I should just keep the tent plastic? And it cost less then 300 Euros delivered. Much cheaper then any green house I’ve ever found. And we could put it up in a day!

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