Thursday, March 01, 2012

More house drama

Juergen showed the house to the family with 3 kids. They didn't like it. I guess they are American's doing research for a few year. They were very picky. And the women was shocked the house had no kitchen! Juergen told her we would be putting a kitchen in, but she was a picky person. We would not want a renter like that anyway. He shows the house at 5:30 to a family that already lives in Leimen, and again at 6pm to the retiring American military person. The military guy is single. I just don't understand why a single man would want such a big house. And would we be able to check his credit to be sure he could afford it? I guess it just doesn't seem so clear to me why he would even want our house, so I don't trust him. If he had a wife and 2 kids, no problem. But why would a single person want a house with 4-5 bedrooms? Unless we get a clear answer for that, I don't trust renting to him. There are many other houses he could rent. Maybe he is dating a German women and wants kids? Maybe there is a reason? But it just is not clear to the world and seems odd to me right now. There are very strong laws in Germany that protect renters. If we get a renter that does not pay the rent, or for some reason we want to kick the renter out of the house, it could take a year to get rid of them. And it could cost thousands in legal fees pulse the lost rent. We need to be picky about who rents our house. I think a family with 3 kids would be perfect. Juergen doesn't know if the family looking at 5:30 wants to buy or rent. We both hope to sell. The bank has given us until the end of next week. Other wise we have to refinance the house, and pay for a new loan. I spent another morning looking at kitchen’s on eBay. I found a nice kitchen North of Frankfurt that sells tomorrow & must be picked up this weekend. That would be perfect for us. Our handyman is free next week. He will be painting the staircase. He could also put in the new kitchen for us. I’m trying to keep a straight head. It is coming down to the wire…but I have peace it will still be ok. I pray God gives us wisdom to do what we need to do. And that we find the grace and help we need when we need it. God is never late but He is hardly ever early. I know this is true...and I will put me trust in him.

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