Thursday, March 22, 2012


So today Mom and Dad slept and rested from their long trip. But I also put them to work. dad & Nicole planted about 2000 summer flowers. That's right 2000. Nicole and I had gone on a flower shopping spree last week. I got these cool green baskets to plant the bulbs in. Dad & Nicole combined flowers that would complement each other in size and color. We will actually plant the baskets (God willing) tomorrow. It will be a sight to behold this summer. Sarah and grandma also read together.


Rick Moreno said...

Already putting you to work:)

Eric & Shelley said...

my goodness thats a lot of flowers. I'm amazed that they were up to that already. We still have snow and I'm hoping a lot of it will be gone tomorrow. No planting going on here. Can't see the ground.