Monday, March 12, 2012

Does anyone want to trade with me?

Has anyone ever done bartering? I have this giant garden (100% organic). I hope to grow an over abundance for fresh vegetables and flowers this summer. More then I can use. This is the hope! We will see if it actually works out! I thought maybe I could barter with people using the extra vegetables and flowers. For me it is sort of a game to see what I could get using my extra veggies! I thought I could set up a website. On the website I could list what I have available, and a list of the stuff I want. For example You come cut a large bouquet of flowers and give me a loaf of fresh baked bread, or some milk. You come over and cut a large salad in exchange for some coffee or bottled water or a few tubes of tooth paste. My fresh flowers and vegetables for your stuff. Does anyone have interest in such an arrangement? It will be a few months until I have any vegetables of flowers. But I could even plant your favorite stuff if I knew I had people to trade with. I’m planting seeds now & I want to know how many seeds I should plant. Just for us, or for many more people.

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