Sunday, March 04, 2012

It is still my house, and I think I will use it!!!

We still have not rented or sold the house in Leimen. I somehow think of the house in Leimen as someone else’s house. What is there is there. But the truth is it is mine. If there is something there I want for our house in Bad Schönborn why shouldn't I just take it? And today we were thinking about our green house. How should we build a green house? We think it would be best to use the frame of a carport as the base. Then we can cover the south wall with antique windows. The top can be heavy plastic sheeting. The side walls insulated plywood covered with plaster. We can use an antique door. The floor can be dug deep, so you step down into the green house. Then the ceiling would be high. We could buy a carport for 1,000 euro, or we can take the carport we put over our terrace in Leimen. Why spend an extra 1,000 Euros? Why not just move our old one? If we rent our house out, the renter still has a pergola and 3 baloneys. They don't need a covered terrace! And I'm going over to the house to dig up plants too! Why should I spend money on plants when I already have so many in Leimen? I don't think the covered terrace or plants will sell it/rent it. People will buy or rent it either way. I might as well use what I already paid for. Everyone that looks at the house to buy has asked us to drop the price by thousands of Euros. They want something for nothing. Well, I think they can have less if they want to pay less! My new house needs a green house. And I think I will use my carport ….MY CARPORT!!! And maybe I'll get Juergen to move our small green house too? Oh, and the rain barrels, and the sandbox!

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