Friday, March 23, 2012

Pie and a place for Jessica

Today Nicole made apple & also Lemon pie with Mom and Dad. I can not wait to try it! It smells and looks so very good! We will eat it tonight after my small group Bible study. I took Jessica to visit the day care center we will most likely put her in. I got her to get out of the car, but she would not go inside. She stood at the gate and would not let the car out of her sight. The weather was wonderful. I sat in the garden with the people who did the evaluation. We all decided Jess needs her own aid, and should come to the center 5 mornings a week (half days). So when they find the right aid for her, she can come to the care center. I refused to leave the place until Jessica came and looked at the sheep. I had to wait because she was stubborn. But I did wait. She saw the sheep. And maybe next time it will be easier because she knows now that they have sheep and dogs. Jessica has been home for 9 months. She needs to get out more.