Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I got my boxwood

Juergen is home from work this week. He is pretty tired. I'm glad he can get this break. We had breakfast out together. Nicole watched Jessica for us. He also got our taxes done. We have a good refund coming, and we need the money. There are a few people looking at our house in Leimen (buyers). This is the last week it is for sale. Next week we will need to refinance it as a rental house. So it's either now or never. The stair well was painted yesterday. Juergen says that it looks very good! I found a nice kitchen on eBay I hope to buy next Monday, unless a buyer happends to already have a kitchen. I got my tiny boxwood plants in the mail today. 100 tiny plants. It will most likely be 5 years before they grow large enough to trim. No matter! When the mulch gets layed down in the garden, I'll be able to lay out the garden beds, and plant boxwood boarders. Juergen ordered the mulch. A gardener will deliver it some time this week. If the weather is OK, we may even get the job done before the weekend? We already have good plants started for the garden beds. Those plants are in our cold frame for now. I think it's best to wait a few more weeks to plant because of the cold. The weather has gone from warm to cold, and warm again. I had better wait a few weeks! But it gives me so much joy to be in the process of building a new garden. I believe God has given us all things that really make us happy. For me it's my garden, for others it might be music or art or sports. I think we get so busy doing what we must, these kinds of things get ignored. It adds so much to my life and energy just to be outside with my plants. Trying to sell, or rent our house has been stressful for us. But I love my garden. I'm so glad we moved. The house in Leimen was fine...a little small for 7 people but really fine. But this garden in Bad Schönborn makes my heart sing! I feel more alive then I did before. So the stress of the transition was at least for me worth it. I have no idea what I'll do with this big house when all our kids move out. But I guess I'll deal with that when we need to. I'm glad to have what gives me life while I have the health to enjoy it!

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