Monday, March 05, 2012


A family that looked at our house (to buy it) called today and said they don't want it. So no sale! Oh well! The painter is at the house in Leimen painting the stair well. He is a real great guy! He is a Christian, and so positive! I'm so grateful when we have people that help us that are honest and hard working! I think I found a nice kitchen too. It's not available until the end of this month. But if we manage to get it, the nice handyman can put it in for us. I also went with Juergen to buy a new cloths dryer. We got an A class energy dryer that should save us about 30 Euro's per month. Our cloths dryer has not worked for a week. We could have spent a few hundred Euro's to have it fixed, but it is a poor quality dryer that eats energy. I think the new cloths dryer will pay for it's self in one year. I was also on eBay. I found this strawberry grape. It is very good for juice and jelly. And it is extremely resistant to mold. Our grape in Leimen has to be sprayed every year agents mold. This grape is suppose to have a very sweet flavored, and smell sweet even on the vine! I know just where I'll put it!


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