Monday, October 24, 2011

To rent or not to rent that is the question

Juergen and I have pretty much decided to sell the house in Leimen if we can. But the market is poor, and we haven't shown it once in 2 months. Not very encouraging! We have been encouraged by friends to get a realtor involved in the process. I'm pretty sure they would just drop the price to get a buyer. We could manage that ourselves (dropping the price I mean). Today a friend from church said they knew of an American family that really needs a house to rent for 3 years. So what should we do? Keep paying the mortgage for an unknown period of time, or rent? I'm inclined to rent. I realize the housing market may get even worse in the future. Military families could leave with short notice. But they pay top money for rent, pay big deposits, and have to give you 3 months notice if they leave...or pay 3 months rent. So a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. If it's a nice family I am inclined to rent. I can trust God with the future. None of us knows what will really happen with the housing market in 3 years. What I do know is I will have to pay 2 mortgages in the month of November if I don't rent now. And even if I can afford to do that for awhile longer, why should I? Each month it feels like I’m just tossing money out the window! If I had any certainty we could sell, we would wait. But it doesn't look good. I really would be fine renting!

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Rick Moreno said...

Thinking of you today with much appreciation for such a wonderful sister, and friend. God Bless you.