Thursday, October 27, 2011

flower bed

Jessica broke the frame on her new black iron bed. I'm not 100% sure Thomas put it together right. It was not very well made. But anyway, it bent so bad that it can not hold the box spring. I went to IKEA and bought her a new frame. Now I'm thinking about making a "flower bed" out of the old frame. I have seen photo's of this idea. I think it's cute garden art. I could just through the frame out but I might as well use it. I'm thinking "bed of roses". What do you think? Maybe with red roses, lavender and clematis? It's a black iron bed but I guess I already wrote that. I'm getting old! I turn 50 tomorrow. That seems unreal! But some of the best people I know are already 50+, so I guess I'll manage it too.


Eric & Shelley said...

that's a good idea.
Life begins at 50.

Dianna said...

you will be just fine Have a Wonderful Birthday and welcome to the 1/2 century mark Love ya .