Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Old friends are so special!

I just got to meet my best friend from high school in Heidelberg for coffee. We haven't seen each other for years. She and her husband are taking a bus tour around Europe. One of those 8 countries in 5 days kind of things! Sounds like allot of time in a bus! But I wanted to cry for joy when I saw her! A little bit of Corvallis in Germany! How wonderful to see an old friend.
Juergen came home early so I could go meet my friend. He took the kids to the soccer practice. Sarah and Thomas both loved it. Phillip didn't like it. He wants to play guitar and take Judo. So I need to figure out Philip's after school program. It looks like Sarah is set for activities. Thomas looks like he will be accepted on the team, but it isn't sure yet. One of the other 7th graders from his school is on the team. So maybe that will also lead to a school friend? Juergen didn’t get to pick up the trampoline. Oh well. It’s been a very full day with good surprises.

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caring for the garden said...

Was this a SWEET friend? How special.