Saturday, October 01, 2011

In the garden

We moved the pile of wood away from the back corner of our garden. We plan to build 3 compost piles. Today we want to move our dirt, and compost from Leimen to Bad Schönborn. I'm not sure if anyone else would be crazy enough to move piles of dirt? But I've been working on improving that dirt for a few years. I grew worms just to help the process. It's very good dirt and I need that in my big garden. Why pay for it when you already have it? Besides, I'm not sure the people who will one day buy our house want large piles of compost in the side yard! The small yard in Leimen will look better without the dirt! So the plan is to build 3 compost piles in the back corner of our yard. Move the dirt and compost from Leimen. Move the plants and garden tools. And build a few raised beds in our yard. We have good weather. Let's see what we can get done!

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