Thursday, October 20, 2011


I was up early with the boy's. They got off to school, and I made coffee and did dishes. Then I eat some breakfast with Juergen, Sarah, and Nicole. They all left for school and work. Then it was the dog's turn to go out. Then I fed Jessica, cleaned her room and gave her a shower. Her head is very dry. I'm trying a new shampoo. She is sleeping. Jessica will start school again after the Fall vacation. I am hoping she will manage the transition well. She is pretty tired of staying home. She always wants to get out of the house. Juergen picked up a prescription against anxiety. We will need to try her on this (and I don't know the name). The school will not accept her unless we try medication. She scratches the other students when she is afraid. Sarah plays her first soccer game this evening. Nicole won't be home so I have to bring Jessica with me. And today I'm just doing the "normal" stuff. Laundry, cleaning, shopping, cooking. Nothing to interesting. But I'm fine with normal. It’s in the quite house I can dream and pray.

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