Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chili for a cold night

We are still brainstorming on what to make for our party in November. I am thinking about cooking all kinds of stuff. Making it sort of a potluck. Nicole and I are looking at cookbooks. I could make a few pots of chili, lasagna, quiche, and roasted potatoes. Just all kinds of good stuff depending on the number of people that will come. And some people will bring deserts and salad. Maybe I can borrow baking dishes and crock pots from friends? Right now we have about 60 people coming, but another 60 haven't replied yet. I'm always pretty bad about RSVP's. But I feel Ok now that I know some people are coming. I'm pretty sure we will need the big tent in the garden. I am looking at party tents on eBay. I've also been busy cleaning for the first party we have on Sunday. My Godchild Anna's dedication party. That's sort of a warm-up for our housewarming. We will host about 40 people on Sunday (God willing). It feels pretty good to have the house almost finished. I really do feel like celebrating! There will always be more work to do on the house, but that is everyone’s story! Do you have any super easy potluck meals?

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