Sunday, October 23, 2011

A nice weekend

Juergen and I went to a movie with friends last night. Afterwards the 2 of us went out to eat. It was very nice just to get out, without the kids. Our babysitter has been taking her University exams. She has been too busy studying to babysit. So I'm grateful the exams are over. Happy for her, and for us!
Today church was very good. And after lunch I even got a nap. Then I watched a movie with the kids. I'm tired! I'm tired of renovation. I am so ready to just move on with life. Our party is in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to the party. We will try to organize it, and prepare it all ahead of time. A little each day, so it's not too overwhelming! I hope that works. For me it's like a wedding. Stress, joy, then finally the marriage starts! The new house, and life in this house doesn't really feel real yet. I'm hoping the party will be the starting point for me. The celebration of a new beginning. And I'm trying hard to let God deal with the house in Leimen. Perhaps I'll try to explain what I'm learning about process and trust.

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