Thursday, October 06, 2011

21 years ago I married a prince

Today Juergen and I celebrated our 21st wedding Anniversary. The kids were in school, and Nicole watched Jessica for us. We went out to breakfast. Afterwards we went to IKEA to buy a sofa sleeper for the office/guest room. That may not seem so romantic. I know some of my friends go on vacations in Greece and Cyprus. I would love to go some where with Juergen. Just the two of us. But our babysitter is taking exams. We will be able to go to dinner and a movie in about a week. I look forward to that. A vacation alone, that is pretty hard to imagine because of the kids (especially Jessica). But I'm not complaining. Even IKEA is great when your holding the hand of one of the greatest guys around! If you know Juergen you know how blessed I am. And I spent my 20th anniversary alone because Sarah and Juergen where in quarantine in the hospital. Sarah had an infection they though was mumps. Juergen stayed with her, and I couldn't even visit. A nice breakfast out is so much nicer then last year! And just spending my life with him is a dream!


caring for the garden said...

Happy anniversary. We know Juergen is a prince. We also know you are a true princess. You are both blessed.We love you. Mom & Dad

Shelley said...

Happy anniversary to you both, going to breakfast and IKEA and a movie,sound like a dream to me. Being together is the best celebration.
Love, Shelley