Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Our party

Nicole and I wrote a new invitation to our housewarming party/my 50th birthday party. I am now trying to gather e-mail addresses. I want to send the invitation electronically. I am having a time trying to get all the addresses. I hope I don't miss anyone important, but I know I will. I'm hoping to get RSVP's so I can plan better. God willing, that party will be Nov 12th. The dedication party for Anna is Oct 16th. That will be for 40 people (15 are kids). So you can say Anna's party is a warm-up to the housewarming. The men are finishing the tile in our winter garden/back porch today. Philip, Sarah and Thomas start their soccer today too. That reminds me, I need to shop for sports cloths. It's a beautiful day. My favorite kind of fall day! I hope the nice weather lasts awhile. I can see the birds beginning to migrate. I have a good view from my office window. It's really hard to believe it's already October. I will be happy to get back to "normal" life, without boxes and renovation! It will happen.

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