Saturday, October 22, 2011


I made the very best Beef Stroganoff for lunch today. I'm trying out dishes for our house warming party Nov 12th. That dish will definitely be on the menu! I made a very big pot of it, and it was gone! The kids were licking up the sauce! And it was so easy to make in the crock-pot. I need a big freezer. I could make 2 pans of food in the crock-pot each day. Freeze those pans for the party. That would be the easiest, low stress way to cook for a 100 people. So far we don’t have a 100 people coming. More like 50 people. I wouldn’t mind if it was just 50 people. That’s a very nice size for a party. But I invited many more people, and if they show up I need to feed them. From this day on I will respond to RSVP’s. I’ve always been pretty bad about that sort of thing. But people do need to plan ahead. I’m doing my best to plan anyway. It will be a very good party I think…hope. And if we have 50 people, my family will eat the leftovers. So I guess I do need to buy a freezer.

Sarah played in her first soccer game today. They lost but she had fun. So for now that's really all that counts. Philip has been having some heart problems. He can not play soccer. We need to have a specialist check his heart soon. Thomas is not on the official team yet. But it looks like he will make the team. The big challenge for him is time. He has to do allot of extra homework for German. The soccer is 2 afternoons a week and Saturdays. It’s great for him, but very hard for him to get the homework done. I need to pull the plug on the soccer if he doesn’t get the German done. I really don’t want to do that! It is not so easy to be the parent sometimes! Soccer is so good for him, but so is passing German. Killer!

Juergen and I have a babysitter tonight. We are seeing Johnny English 2. I could use a good laugh!

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