Friday, October 07, 2011

forget the planet

Normally I'm the sort that cares about the environment. But Nicole is taking driving lessons. Soon she will be driving. The question I have is what will she be driving? I have a small car that has a manual transmission. I would feel much better if she drove some tank of a car that has an automatic transmission. I think young drivers should concentrate on the road, not the mechanics of a car. Nicole is very uncoordinated. And I want a big solid frame of protection keeping her from harm if, God forbid she does hit a patch of ice or something! So I broke the news to Juergen that I want to buy Nicole a tank. He said not now...that is don't ask me now. But at least he knows I'm thinking about it. I found this 1988 Mercedes on e-bay. It's in a town near to us. It sells in a few days. Maybe they would let us test drive it tomorrow? That's if I can get Juergen to consider it. It happens to be an automatic. It's in ok condition. It runs. I'm sure it eats gas, but we are more worried about Nicole's safety then the planet. And after Nicole learns to drive , Thomas will need a tank.


caring for the garden said...

I know exactly where you are coming from. When Shelley went off to school in Grants Pass, she was driving a gas guzzling tank too. There are times when safety far out weighs both the environment and cost.

BB's Blog said...

aber ein alter Mercedes ist kein besonders sicheres Auto, wenn er keine Airbags möglichst rundum, ABS und ESP hat. Da hat sich in den letzten 25 Jahren viel getan Mit genau so einem Mercedes ist der Sohn einer Freundin von mir, auch Fahranfänger, tödlich verunglückt.
Vielleicht wäre das in einem Golf der neueren Generatoin nicht passiert.