Monday, October 17, 2011

Boy this looks so good!

The party went really well yesterday! A friend took pictures and I'll post those when I get them. The house was so full, we will need a tent for our house warming party! I think I'm also going to make 14 pans of different meals. I'll find friends to cook those dishes for me, and bring them hot to the party. It will be cold, so we will need hot food. Also I think I found some friends to bake cakes for us. They bake the cakes, and I pay them for the cakes. The money will go to a missionary friend. So I won't spend the money to have our party catered, I'll have help with the food & our missionary friend gets the funds. Sounds like a winning plan! Nicole starts at the University today. I can not wait to hear how it goes. Juergen is touring Heidelberg with his sister, and her husband. They are visiting for 2 days. It's great to see them! I think I'll try this CHICKEN BROCCOLI CASSEROLE tonight.

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