Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We don't know

I took Nicole to her interview for the art Acadamey. They didn't say much. There were 10 teachers in the room. They seemed to look down on her age, and the fact that she wants to live at home. Most kids graduating from highschool in Germany are 19 years old, Nicole is only 17. One teacher asked her if she shouldn't go travel the world first. At least she was able to tell them she has already done that (China, Thailand, Israel, America, Mexico and most of Europe). They were very straight faced, and she couldn't really tell if she had a chance. So we will see in a few weeks. If not now, maybe next year. She can travel some more and practice her interviewing skills. She now understands what they are looking for.

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Shelley said...

Every interview is a learning experience and good practice according to Carmen. Carmen actually does interviews for practice for the learning experience.

What a bold and confident character she has become. Carmen use to be shy.