Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the way it is

We thought the Realtor was coming with a customer. It turns out he just wanted us to sign up with them, and they would sell our house (for 3%). So I stressed myself and the kids out for that! And that makes 8 realtor's all saying they had someone that wanted to see our house...but they have to see it first. And zero customers. They are all a bunch of liers! And so far 2 of them have listed our house on the Internet without our permission. I think we should hire a lawyer!

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Shelley said...

Do you have Home sale by owners? We have it here where you hire someone to do what you aren't or don't want to do. You are the realtor. You pay them for listing your home in their paper. You do open houses, and they write up the contract between owner and buyer. It's cheaper and not hard to do. We sold both our homes ourselves and saved lots of money.