Friday, June 17, 2011

The Gala kitchen

The kids and I went to look at kitchens at "Segmüller" a very large kitchen store. They had some awesome kitchens. Most of them cost too much for us. But this one very modern kitchen was just under 4000 Euro (was 9000 Euro). It is called the Gala. I think it's by Schüller , a German company. It includes all the appliances. A dishwasher, built in refrigerator and freezer. It has a cool counter/bar top. Sarah likes that! The storage is very cool. It is a high gloss kitchen, but it does come in white, light brown, and off white. So maybe if I got it in off white with a brown counter top? I love the way it's laid out. It's much more "modern" then I thought I would want. But I really like the use of space. We will see. Segmüller will deliver and install the kitchen (no extra work for us). It takes about 6-8 weeks to deliver a kitchen. No need to fill our garage with a kitchen . The down side to buying a used kitchen is renting the truck to pick it up, and finding a place to store it until we move.

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