Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The house

Juergen plans to meet all these professional trades people at our new house this afternoon. They will measure and plan for the renovation. We get the house (God willing) on August 2ND. Maybe even earlier? The owners found a place to rent. They shouldn't have any trouble getting out before then. I have to drive the kids around (Taxi Mom) so I can not go to the appointment. I haven't been to the house since April. Juergen has been there a few times. We don't really want to bother the poor owners with our constant visits. I won't see it again until it's ours. But Juergen is getting very excited about the move. It really is a very cool house. We are very blessed to be buying it. Yes we still have to sell our house, but every other thing is falling into place. We are full of joy! We will have moving boxes delivered soon. I plan to spend all of July packing. A moving company will move us. I'm almost 50, and Juergen is 52. We have friends that have back problems. Our friends have moved us many times...and we are so grateful! So this time we will have the movers come. That's also a blessing! Juergen plans to take Augest off for the renovation. It won't be long now! It really is an exciting time!


Shelley said...

At our age it pays to have someone move us.

Eric Stuewe said...

Congradulations Amy. I pray it continues to fall into place.