Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I have the feeling I'm powerless. I waited hours for a person to show up to look at our house today. They never showed up. It happen last night too. One person canceled because they don't like our neighborhood. Another called and said they had car trouble. It's frustrating. You clean and wait, clean and wait. We have mostly seen real-estate agents who say they have buyers. Still, no buyers. I don’t believe them anymore…they are a pack of wolves! Frustrating! And so I'll clean and wait for 2 more people scheduled to come tonight. And believe me I know I should not give up hope... I'm tried, and I just want this whole thing to be over! I wish I could get on a plane to Thailand and forget the whole thing! But we don't live by feeling! So I will clean and wait, and clean and wait , as long as it takes! I think it’s hardest to fight the little foxes that continue to bite at you. I feel so tired from the small problems. Vacations are so great because they take you away from the daily trouble, and help you gain perspective. I will just have to find that perspective at home. The kids have vacation next week. We can not afford to go anywhere but at least we can sleep in!

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Shelley said...

sleeping in how nice.