Sunday, June 19, 2011

If the kitchen fits, use it

So the day wasn't a total loss! After looking at kitchens, we decided we should just move the kitchen we have. I want to change the handles, and get a new counter top and sink. We also want an island in the kitchen. We can buy the island at IKEA. The handles and counter top can be bought at the building supply store. So I'll have a white kitchen with a grey marble counter top. Maybe we can buy the island at IKEA that is black and has storage on both sides? Anyway, a black and white kitchen and I'll paint the walls a darker tan or maybe an olive green color with a white trim. We also have our super cool 1920's china cabinet and side board. We want to find a bigger table. I want to seat 10-12 people at our table. The floors are fish bone hardwood. We also have stain glassed windows in the kitchen, high ceilings with very nice moldings. It should make for a very nice room. We don't need new cabinets! I'm glad we are saving the money! Once we saw the price of a new kitchen it was easy to decide our kitchen is just fine!

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