Friday, June 17, 2011

Jessica and Nicole are sick

Nicole has a sore throat. It hurt so much last night she was crying. She is much better today. Thank God! Jessica has worms. She always gets them this time of year. I have always thought it's because she likes to bet the dog, then she puts her hands in her mouth. But our neighbor also brings us cherries from their garden. Jessica got some of the unwashed cherries...that may have done it. I made jam from most of the cherries. Know one else eat them. Jessica is feeling very sick. Juergen got pills for her. She has to take them 2 times a day. But for now she looks awful! Poor baby!

I'm trying to come to peace with the idea that we may not sell our house for awhile. It's probably going to take some time. Juergen doesn't want to rent it out. We have both heard pretty awful stories of renters that do not pay the rent, and it takes a year and lawyers to get them out. Very risky! So I am mentally preparing for the loss of some money. And I wonder if I should buy a new kitchen. I could save 6,000 to 10,000 Euro if I just buy a used kitchen. I know I've got to live with the kitchen for many years. But I wouldn't feel so bad about the loss I'm facing by having to pay for 2 houses at once (as long as it takes to sell our house). We look at kitchens together this weekend. I may even take Philip, Thomas, and Sarah to look today. Juergen wants a new kitchen. I'm just happy we are going to get the house & the garden. The kitchen really is low on my list. We only have so much money for renovation. If that money gets eaten up by not selling our house, that could be stressful. A used kitchen could buy us some time (at least 6 months).

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