Monday, June 20, 2011

It's not as old as we thought it was

Our house was not built in 1914, it was built in 1954. I guess the land was bought in 1914, and the house was built in an old style. That is why it's confusing. So it's not as old as we thought. We spent some valuable hours with our architect. He has so much good advise. He is really worth the money! Everything is set up for the renovation...or is getting set up. We talked about the boy's rooms in the basement, and a greenhouse extension in the back of the house. We will build a wall between the kitchen and living room. We will have the balconies repaired. The marble is not worth redoing. We need to choose new tile for the entry. And I'm not sure what else! It was a long meeting. So the time will pass fast. We are making appointments with workers. The owners still don't have anywhere to move. But most of what we are planning can happen with them in the house. So worst case they will have hand workers in the house. We have to schedule stuff! The house is ours on August 2, and we need to plan. We are praying they find something to buy or rent. The time is running out. They are a very nice family and I wish them well!

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Shelley said...

You sound like us the renovators.
We are replacing windows this summer painting the outside of the house and building a warehouse at work.
Crazy busy.