Wednesday, June 15, 2011

such a drama

We show our house again tonight. So I have to clean. But I can not just clean...I have to clean with drama. My head hurts. Sarah was upset that Philip was not done with his room. She wanted to go play. I don't let her play alone outside. So I get an hour drama about why do we need to move anyway! But it's a loud crying angry fit. So I can not just clean, I have to deal with a melt down. Then Thomas and Philip fight the whole time. They can not just clean their room. That would be too simple. If I had a choice I would forget the whole thing. I need to sell the house...I have no choice. I feel like they beat me up. I'm so fried! Juergen is at work, I am on my own. The house will be clean for the 6pm appointment. Afterwards I am going to go to bed early. The whole process is stressful for all of us. It would be one thing to clean once...but we live here. I guess they will out grow the drama...I hope so. Sarah acts like tears will stop me. Like, I will stop everything if she just has a fit. But after the tears, the work still has to be done. And the boys act like their fights will stop the work. But after hours of fighting, the work is still there...and it must be done! I'm strong...I don't give in to them. Some day they will learn to just do it! But it will kill me...they are killing me!

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Shelley said...

When we moved from Crystal lake to Elmwood, the girls didn't want to move. So I made paper cut outs of their furniture like paper dolls. And we played around with how their furniture would fit in their rooms.
We also picked out a paint color they liked.
The most important thing we did was buy a new light switch for Lissa with a bunny on it.