Thursday, June 16, 2011

A better day

This morning Thomas got a call from a boy at school. He asked if Thomas had some time. That's great! Thomas has had trouble feeling connected in his new school. So I took Thomas, Philip and Sarah to IKEA to look at kitchens. Then we eat some lunch there. Afterwards I dropped him off at the kids house. Juergen will pick him up after work. Nicole is studying for her drivers test. We signed her up for drivers education. You can not get your license in Germany until you are 18 years old. She turns 18 in August. I can hardly believe that! She could have begun the training earlier, but she's been too busy with school. Now she can study every day. The driving school has a real simulator. She can train on that everyday too. She will take classes I think once or twice per week. Finally they will take her out in a real car. Maybe in 3 or 4 months she will be road ready? There is no real hurry. I don't think she will be driving much. She will take the train to school. I would rather she takes her time and drives when she is very ready. I want her to be a good and safe driver! Jessica is loving the new videos I bought her at the 2nd hand store. The weather outside is pretty bad. Sarah and I are coloring. All in All it's a much nicer day then yesterday! I still haven't sold my house, and maybe I won't? It may be that we have to rent the house out? It totally stresses me out to keep showing the place. I'm really not sure what to do...but today I don't need to know!

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