Monday, June 13, 2011

A vacation day

The kids have 2 weeks vacation. Juergen is home today. I slept in until 10am. Oh I needed that! Then I cleaned the living room, dinning room and kitchen. Then I made lunch. After lunch I cleaned the kitchen again. I never really get a day off unless we are staying at a hotel. Now every kid in the neighborhood rings the bell. They are bored and their parents send them out to play. I'm afraid we will be looking after the whole group for the next 2 weeks. The kids (my kids) are happy playing with the others. I really shouldn't complain. I just hope we can keep the house clean. We still need to sell it. If we went on vacation we couldn't show the house. I can tell I'm getting older. I like to guard my peace more and more. I have to set down rules like no friends until the afternoon (2pm). That way we get some quite time, and learning time, and work time. I wish we were in Thailand...but you can not have everything!

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