Thursday, June 23, 2011

a thousand Euro idea

This week I looked at Kitchen islands and how they are made. You build them with normal kitchen cabinet parts and extra large counter tops. I got an offer on one island. It cost 1800 Euro. Today I was driving alone in the car. I'm not alone enough these days. Anyway I remembered that we have an old kitchen in our basement. It has the cabinets we need to build our island. All we need to buy is new door fronts and an extra large counter top. The door fronts are in standard sizes. Even if we can not get the same fronts, we can get what is close enough. So I saved us at least 1000 Euro today! If I could only be alone more often! It really helps me to think!

We did show our house today. But it was a small family with only one child. I think it's really too big for them. But they did like it, and we will see if they give us an offer.

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