Wednesday, February 08, 2012

we will know by next week

I spent the morning cleaning. I did the deep cleaning stuff. I cleaned the bathrooms , mopped floors, and dusted and polishing furniture. It will not stay clean, but for a short while everything looks and smells good. We had a heater guy here today. He checked our oil supply, It is sadly very low. We have burnt over 2000 liters of oil so far this winter. Only 400 liters remain in the tank. That's not enough to get us through the next few months. We will have to order more. We will also have to spend serious money on insulation this year. I also want to add some wood stoves (2 stoves). I want the kind that hook up to the radiators. That way they don't just heat the room they are in, they help heat the entire house. I got a call from a man in Leimen that wants to buy a new house. He has 3 kids, He just sold his home. He wants a bigger house (perfect)! So hopefully we can sell the house. Our bank wants us to refinance the house next week as a rental house. We basically need a buyer this week, or it has to be a rental house. We are at the very end of the line so to speak. I would be so glad if it sells! I don't want the ongoing responsibility of owning 2 houses. One is enough. We have had to ignore our house in Bad Schönborn to focus on Leimen. But the Bad Schönborn house needs insulation badly...we are burning too much oil. The balconies need to be repaired, the garden needs to be built...and many many more projects await us. Juergen is taking a few half days off this week to work on the Leimen house. A little paint needs to touched up, and the floor in the boys old room needs to be finished. A buyer at this point would be a miracle. But I believe in miracles...good thing! I’m willing to rent the house out. We have even started to advertise for a renter. But I have not stopped praying for a buyer because this is what I want most of all. After next week we will have to rent the house out. The bank wants us to change the loan by February 15th. So if we can not sell it by then, we will have to rent the house out for 10 years. I guess I can except having to rent if it comes to that. But God knows how much we want to sell it. We want to move forward with out carrying the debt and responsibility!

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