Wednesday, February 15, 2012

should we invest the money

The people that are looking at our rental house on Saturday (they changed the time) have 2 PhD’s. They seem very interested in the house. If they get it, I want them to stay a long time. Actually I want who ever rents to stay a long time. I'm wondering if having a very nice kitchen would help? I found 2 very nice kitchens on eBay. They cost a bi more. But they are really top kitchens with super appliances. I'm wondering if I buy one of these, would it make any difference in how satisfied our renter is, and how long they stay. People get "picky" when you give them the minimum. When they know they are getting a deal compared to what's on the market, they tend to complain less. For our sake, it maybe worth a few extra Euros now, so we have satisfied renters?
The first kitchen is modern. It does not cost as much as the 2nd kitchen, and it's much closer. I like the 2nd kitchen more but I could buy a new kitchen for the same price!

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Eric & Shelley said...

They may want their own kitchen who knows what their tastes are.