Monday, February 06, 2012

-7 and I'm not going out

It's -7 degrees out side today. OK, 18 F. But cold in any language and I'm not willing to go outside. I get a headache from the cold weather. Poor Jessica refuses to get out of bed. I think she is actually reasonable. Nicole wanted me to take her to an art supply store in Heidelberg. Instead we shopped online. She needed glass eyes for some papier-mâché characters she is creating. Juergen shows the house at noon today. I basically refused to do it because I would have to take Jessica with me, and leave her in the car. I'm not leaving her anywhere in this kind of weather. I hope we can afford to retire in Thailand. I want to spend my winters on a beach, not hiding under a blanket in my living room! My sister is blogging about the gardening she is doing in Oregon. Europe is experiencing another ice age. I want to garden too!
Update: Juergen showed the house to an investor. They liked it but...they are worried there isn't a market for big houses. So the past 6 families that have seen the house can not afford it, and the investor will not touch it. I think we need to move to the next stage. We put in a kitchen, and place the house on the general market. There are 2 different words for wisdom in the Bible. One is super natural wisdom, the other is common sense. God doesn't seem to be giving us super natural wisdom for this problem, and common sense says it's time to find a renter. At least that's what I think. Juergen is waiting for a miracle. I really hope he gets a miracle, but right now I think we just need to find a renter. Some times God's answer is to just to do what seems right at the time. I'm really OK with that.

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