Saturday, February 25, 2012

No renter and no buyer yet!

I had my small group Bible study last night. I thought it went very well. The kids were there because of the vacation. That made things a little loud. But mostly they were good! Thomas and Nicole lead worship. They did a wonderful job. I do have talented kids! One of our group members brought her granddaughter. The 2 of them spent the night. Sarah had someone to play with. They stayed up very late playing. And our breakfast was very nice. Juergen is visiting his dad. His brother had his 50th birthday party this weekend. Juergen has to drive home in the morning because Sarah has her birthday party tomorrow. And today I showed the house to a family with 5 kids. I think they were very interested in buying the house. I would be surprised if they can afford it. But we will see. 4 other families were scheduled to look at the house for rent. None of these showed up. 3 real-estate agents also came. So I'm glad Juergen didn't skip his trip to his brothers to show the house. It has not rented yet, and has not sold. But I'm really OK with this! I have peace the right family will show up soon. I'm going to buy a kitchen on eBay next week (God willing). We will also go ahead and have the stair well painted. It will be ready for someone to move into March 1st. And when someone wants will be ready. That's all I can do. Maybe one of the real-estate agents will find a buyer next week. The remax person said she has 2 families looking in Leimen. Maybe one of them? And the seminary students are trying to figure out if they can afford the house. Something will break soon! Eventually this situation will change. I’ll wait to see the salvation of God. I'm so tired. Time for some coffee!

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