Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Better days to come!

I have not seen my parents for 2 years. That's a crime! I miss them so much. Today Juergen let me buy them tickets. The prices are about to double (the price will literally double tomorrow), and my dad was going to lose his miles soon. So we took the opportunity to buy tickets when we could still afford them. They will come (God willing) March 20th. We probably won't do much. My dad isn't so mobile anymore. But I'm so grateful he can come at all. It's a long trip. I do hope they can manage the long trip OK. I am very happy! None of these other worries with the house in Leimen really count. I’m going to see my parents. I’ll help my Mom celebrate her birthday. We will have Easter together. They haven’t seen the kids for 3 years. They get to see Nicole’s art. They will see my garden. I’ll cook my dad shrimp. It’s going to be wonderful! Thank you God for your amazing goodness!


Eric & Shelley said...

What a lovely gift for both of you.

Dianna said...

that is good you can see each other have a wonderful time I think Chris is going to house sit for them so every thing is covered on this end