Friday, February 03, 2012

Pizza dreams

I didn't actually eat pizza last night but I had bad dreams. They were all dreams about trying to sell the house in Leimen. 100's of strangers passing though the house. Each one trying to rob us. One person was trying to steal the documents. Trying to take away all our paperwork. Crazy! But that is really how these months have felt. I feel like a pack of wolves have been biting at our heels. It really wears me down. In my dream we rented to a very nice family. A nice family that was grateful to have the house. I saw Juergen helping them put in new flooring. They were happy there, and we were free. I don’t know if it was prophetic…just my wish to have this whole drama finished. I spent the morning doing some deep cleaning with Nicole. We cleaned the front of the kitchen cabinets, the stairs got washed, and Jessica’s room got cleaned. We also talked about design of the green house. I’m so grateful for my daughter. She is such a big help. I know she will not always be around to help us. She will move out and deal with her own independent life. But for now I treasure her.

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Eric & Shelley said...

It's good to treasure the moments you have because they become fewer as time goes on