Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I'm not a fan of the cold

Today is Sarah's 9th birthday. 9 years ago she was born in China. And 9 years ago she was placed on a stone bench near a water treatment plant. I can only guess it was because she was a girl, or perhaps the 2nd child in a one child China. If I could say anything to her birth parents, I would say thank you for giving her life. I would tell them how sorry I am that they have missed having Sarah in their lives. And I would assure them how very beautiful and wonderful their extraordinary baby is. She is amazing! Nicole and I decorated the table with balloons and streamers last night. She came to breakfast and was surprised by the gifts and candy. The cake we baked yesterday goes to school today. I will brave the cold, and buy more ingredients for another cake for this afternoon. Her bowling party is scheduled for Feb. 26th. We have too many other things happening before then. I also need to feed the birds today. It's so cold. It was -21 last night.
here are some photo's I found on the internet. It's not so frozen here....just cold. We have a heater guy coming tomorrow to check our oil supply. He will put some kind of gage in so we can tell if we are running out of oil. We are burning lot's of oil, sadly. We will be spending money this year to improve the insulation in this house. Maybe we will also add some wood heaters. Know one wants to depend on oil in this uncertain world! It really looks like we will see WW3 soon. Israel will bomb Iran and China and Russia will come agents Israel. It's in the Bible, and about to happen. Just watch!

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