Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am thinking about my garden. I think I want to use boxwood as a boarder to the vegetable beds. I have always loved the look of cottage gardens. I think we will till the garden. We will remove as much of the grass and weeds as we can. I'll add compost. Then we will cover it with paper to kill off the weeds and grass we have missed. Then we will put a nice covering of mulch over the paper. Then we will mark out the boarder with sand, and plant boxwood. I can buy it on eBay for a pretty good price. I'll need hundreds of plants. Finally we will put down stepping stones in the pathway. I will probably plant some plants around the stones so even the pathways are green. Then in the beds I'll plant a mix of vegetables and flowers. I'll push back the mulch, and plant in the soil. When the plants come up, they will get surrounded by mulch. That is an idea from back to Eden project. I saw a beautiful vegetable garden in a farm museum in the south of Germany once. It had boxwood boarders. I thought it was the nicest looking vegetable garden I've ever seen. That is what I'm trying to recreate. And we will need a picket fence, and a rose Arber too.

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