Friday, February 24, 2012


Juergen and I both had strange dreams last night. In his dream he was flying in an old plane. It's pilot was flying low because he had no instruments, and it was very cloudy. So he had to use his eyes. But he was hitting the top of the trees. Trying to avoid houses. And at one point Juergen fell from the plane. But he was OK. I don't know what the dream means. But I do know if we really want to fly forward, we need to rely on God, not our sight. We have to fly high, and count on the Holy Spirits help. I own eyes can really lead us into a tree! My dream was about a very busy street. There were many cars driving past. At one point I see a baby start to crawl across the street. I need to rush into the traffic to try to save the baby. But I have a toddler (one of my own kids) that is at risk of following me into the traffic. I think it has something to do with adoption. I have a hard time watching the orphans of the world face a life of risk ...I must rush in after them. I could think that helping another orphan could place my own children at risk. I guess that's one way to read it. But it could also mean one of my own kids will also follow me into the traffic, and adopt. I'm having allot of very clear dreams lately.

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