Monday, February 13, 2012

for rent

Our house in Leimen is now for rent. Thank you for your prayers. We will show it on Saturday if anyone is interested. here is the ad... The heater people are at our house in Bad Schönborn working on the heater. Juergen also ordered 2 thousand liters more oil to get us through the winter. We need some time to think about insulation and maybe a better system then oil. We will probably insulate the attic, improve some windows, put insulation on the outside walls (it needs paint anyway) and get a new heating system. It will all cost allot of money. But over time (in 10 years or so) it will pay for it's self. We have been paying a shocking 60€ per day for heat this winter...and the house isn't even that warm! It would have been cheaper for us to have shut the house down, and gone to Thailand for 3 months (all 7 of us). It's been rather frustrating to be bleeding money over the past few months. We are trying our best to change that process. I'm looking at kitchens on eBay. I found one near Frankfurt I think will do nicely. It sells in 4 days. I hope we can win the bid. Then our rental house will have a kitchen. Saturday we hope to show the house a half a dozen times. Maybe we can find a good renter. But we will be picky. We don't want someone who won't pay the rent, or causes damage to our house. We don't need a headache or problem renter. And of course if a buyer comes forward before we sign a rental agreement, we can still sell. But after we sign a rental agreement, we will rent for 10 years. That will be the deal we make with the bank. So we have taken a big step by posting this ad. It is a step we had hoped to avoid. But not all of life is easy. And this drama with the Leimen house has not been easy for us. But we are anxious to just stop bleeding cash. And a good renter will help us in this way!

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