Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day with teenagers

I bought chocolate hearts for all the kids. They took the chocolate with out a word of thanks. Juergen was the only one who thanked me. I made a special dinner. Mexican food from the ingredients I have been saving. It turned out great. They made allot of noise before dinner. It was stressing Jessica out. Instead of a nice relaxing meal, I had a headache. And after dinner, they rushed out and left me to do the dishes. No thank you...nothing. Juergen had to drive Jessica, I don't fault him. He was great, as always. I just find my kids very selfish and self absorbed. It makes me feel like not doing nice things for them. I'll probably calm down and talk with them this afternoon or evening. But I doubt it will change anything. It's probably stress from school...nothing to do with me. I get yelled at by the boss, I yell at the wife, the wife yells at the kids who kick the poor dog sort of thing. It is a very difficult age and I pray they are not like this when they grow up. If they are, I doubt they will stay married for long! I hope you all had a better valentines day. I'm grateful for Juergen. I am blessed with him even if the dinner was not what I had hoped it would be.

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