Saturday, February 18, 2012


Juergen showed the house to a very nice family today. They are moving back to Germany from the USA. But the husband has a job pretty far away from our house. It makes zero since for them to live in Leimen. I think they just saw the house on the internet and thought it was nice. But they are not from here, and don't really know where things are. So it's unlikely we will rent to them. Juergen and the kids did get allot of work done on the house today. They cleaned up the paint that had dripped on the floor. They finished putting down the new floor in the basement. They also put a new door in the boy's old bedroom. Apart from a new kitchen, and repainting the stair well there isn’t much to be done. It's very clean and nice. And we will just wait for it to sell or rent. I found a very nice kitchen I'm interested in buying.
Isn't it cute! It sells on eBay in 2 days. I like it allot. It has all the appliances. It is the correct size. We would not need to change a thing. Just moving it from point A to point B. I think it would look nice with the terracotta floor and wall tile. I know some people think we should wait on the kitchen. But I have shown our house so many times over the past year. It seems people want a place that is 100% ready to move in to. That includes a kitchen. I feel like we should not waste any time hoping people will accept the house without a kitchen. If it has a nice kitchen that's one more plus for our house. I'm trying to not worry about the whole thing. I'm trying to just stay focused on anything we can do to sell or rent the house.

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